Hi all,


Just a couple of things:


1)      I have heard from several parents, and please know that we certainly are aware that many will be out-of-town over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our requirement for the parking lot clean-up onNovember 26 is for those that will be in town.  Our concern is that with many traveling, we have enough workers to complete the job.


2)      I told students that today is the final day to sign-up for all-state auditions.  Please check with your child to make certain they did so.  If not, please send me a message.  It looks like we have more students interested in auditioning than I can send.  Therefore, I will hear some students on Tuesday of next week to make final decisions.  A list will be posted in the band hallway of those that I will need to hear.  Students will be asked to play both etudes, all major scales plus chromatic, and perform their solo. 


3)      We have already placed an order for marching band shoes.  If your child needs a pair, especially upper classmen, I must know immediately.


4)      We will be taking our annual all-band photograph on Monday, October 17, just prior to our Bates Field Follies performance.  Individual portraits are also available.  I will be sending information closer to that date.


5)      Just a point of clarification.  Students who will participating in both band and athletic clean-ups on Sunday morning, the procedure is to come first the band clean-up (don’t forget to sign in), and work with the band until 7:30am.  Then, students move into the stadium to help with athletics.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M