This week--September 7-11, 2016

Hi all,


This week in City High Bandland:


1)      Wednesday, September 7 – Back-to-school night.  Please come out.

2).     On Thursday morning, Sept. 8, we will have an early bird rehearsal.  This will be the only time that we have the opportunity to practice with the 8th grade band.  We will begin rehearsal at 7:45am

3)   Friday, September 9 – Pep Rally.  The rally is planned for Bates Field at the end of the school day.  All band students should wear the Beatles heck week t-shirt.  The t-shirt should also be worn under the band uniform on Friday night.

4)   Friday, September 9 – Home Football Game.  We plan to be in full uniform so call time will be 5:30pm.  As usual, freshmen are dismissed following the pre-game performance.  We will be joined by the Southeast 8th grade band for our pre-game this week.

5)      Sunday, September 11 – Parking Lot Clean-up.  Big thanks to everyone that attended yesterday.  For those new to our program, I hope you see that many hands make light work.  We need aBIG turnout next Sunday.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M