Hi all,


Upcoming in City High Bandland:


1)      Tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 24, is the annual Music Auxiliary Car Wash.  Students have signed up for designated shifts, please don’t forget.  Parents can still go the music auxiliary web site to sign up.

2)      Pledge sheets for the car wash will be accepted through next Friday.  Again, we are asking each student to turn in at least one pledge.

3)      All students auditioning for all-state should check the wind ensemble bulletin board.   The list of students posted there must come in to play for me on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  A sign-up sheet in on the board.

4)      Reminder to all all-state students that you MUST have an original, published copy of any music you will be performing at the all-state audition.  This includes etude books and solos.  The school does not provide any of these materials.  Go to West music now to make certain you have your music, as some materials may need to be ordered.

5)      Our next performance is the U of I Homecoming Parade on next Friday, Sept. 30.  I will send out a detailed schedule early next week.

6)      All grade 10-12 students have a required performance next Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Bands Across the Prairie contest.  A detailed schedule will be sent next week, but parents we hope you will come to see the band.   Our performance time will be 2:25pm.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M