Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about being in the City High Band

1. “With so many required subjects, will I be able to fit band into my schedule?”
All high school students are required to take electives to graduate. Band counts towards that graduation requirement. Additionally, City High is on a 7-period day which allows students to fit in most class choices. Some subjects can be put off until your junior or senior year when less is required and there is even more room in your schedule. Since you have to take electives anyway, it might as well be band!

2. “Band takes too much time. Will I have time to study?”
Over 200 students prove that time is available. Many students in band are at the top of their class, in honor society, etc. Band members learn to manage their time. You will get your homework done if you manage your time appropriately!

3. “Can I be in sports and band?”
Yes. The band and athletics have a great relationship with each other at City High. Practice schedules are adapted so students can do both with no problems.  Band students are given a calendar of events for the entire year to know ahead of time when activities are planned.

4. “I’m in 8th grade and have never marched before. Will I be able to do it?”
There are many past 8th graders in the Little Hawk Marching Band right now who asked themselves the same question, but tried it and were glad they did. The City High marching band camp takes place for 2 - 3 days the week before school starts and is required. During that time we will teach you marching fundamentals and more advanced playing fundamentals as well as learning music for the fall, issuing uniforms, and will basically get you ready for the high school band. If you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn, you will do fine!

5. “I’m tired of band – should I quit?”
After all the years you have invested, you are now getting to the point where you are good enough to really enjoy it. The City High Band is one of the best in the state and is getting better and more exciting every year. We need you to make it happen. Don’t drop out now when you’re on the threshold of getting the most out of it and enjoying it to the fullest. At the very least, try band in 9th grade!!