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1. Friday, Oct. 9 – University of Iowa Homecoming Parade.  Students should report at 4:00pm to get uniforms and load buses.  Athletes should come to the band area immediately after school to get uniforms/instruments and take them to practice.  They should then join us at the staging site by 5:45pm.  Our staging location is the corner of Gilbert St. and Iowa Ave.  Parade step-off time is 5:45pm.  We are in full uniform.  Immediately following the parade we will return, via bus, to City high.  We will not march a pre-game show, so freshmen have no marching obligations for the game.  Freshmen, then, upon return to our campus will turn in uniforms immediately.  All students are invited to stay, as we will have dinner provided for all band students.

2. Saturday, Oct. 10 – State Marching Competition.  This is for grades 10-12 only.  Call time is 12:30pm to get dressed, load buses and leave for Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids.  All band members must ride the buses to this event.  Our performance time is 3:10pm, with pictures immediately following the show.  We expect a return to City High by 5:00pm.  Students may ride home with parents, but I must have a signed note to this effect.  All students are responsible for the safe return of all uniform parts immediately upon our return to City high, even those that ride with parents.


Just a few reminders for coming events:

1) Saturday, October 3.  Little Hawk Invitational.  Call time is 10:00am, we perform at 11:45am.  This is an event for grades 10-12 only, though we encourage everyone to come out to see our performance.

2) Friday, October 9.  University of Iowa Homecoming Parade.  Uniforms will be issued at 4:00pm, students will then board buses to parade staging location.  For students that have athletic practice after school, simply pick up your uniform directly after school (uniforms will be available for athletes early), take your uniform and instrument to practice, then meet us at the staging site.  I will let you know the exact location in a day or so.  The parade steps off at 5:45pm.

3) Saturday, October 10.  State Marching Band Contest.  Call time is 12:30pm, grades 10-12 only.  We will board buses for trip to Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids.  Our performance time is 3:10pm.  After the performance we will take group photos, then return to City High.

4) Sunday, October 11.  Parking lot clean-up.  Same location, 7:00am.

5) Wednesday, October 14.  Bates Field Follies.  This is our indoor marching show, with a brief concert performance by the Freshman Concert Band.  Call time is 6:00pm for freshmen, 6:15pm for upperclassmen.  Please let freshmen check out uniforms first.  At 6:45pm we will all meet in the gym for a group photo.  Individual photos will also be available from Halverson Photography.  The show begins at 7:30pm.

6) Friday, October 16.  Final football game.  This is also senior night, so parents of seniors please plan to attend and participate.  For this final game freshmen perform at half-time also.  Traditionally this is also costume night.  Costumes are optional.  Following the game we will have our annual end-of-the-season dance in the cafeteria.

7) Saturday, October 24.  All-state auditions.  The auditions are held at Washington (IA) high school.  This is an all-day activity, so please do not plan anything else for the day.

That’s all for now,

Dr. M

P.S. – The music auxiliary car wash is also this Saturday.  Students have been given pledge forms, and we ask each student to get at least one pledge.  No money now, please.  You are also encouraged to drive through to have your car washed (you may also make a donation here).  Our site is the Hy-Vee on Dodge Street.  Please visit the music auxiliary web site if you wish to volunteer for this event.


Little Hawk Invitational Week

This week we are preparing for the Little Hawk Marching Invitational hosted on Saturday, October 3rd. Freshman are not performing at this event but are encouraged to volunteer.

Wednesday: Grades 10-12 early bird rehearsal 7:15am

Thursday: Grades 10-12 early bird rehearsal 7:15am

Saturday: Little Hawk Invitational call time for grades 10-12 is 10:00am

Also on Saturday is the Annual Music Auxiliary Car Wash from 9am-4pm! The North Dodge HyVee is the location for the City High Band. Students and families are encouraged to get pledges for the event using the form attached.

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Homecoming Week!

No better way to celebrate bringing back The Boot and an exciting Hawkeye victory then meeting on Sunday morning joining friends in work that benefits our program so much.


This will be a busy week in Little Hawk Bandland.


1)     Jazz Band Auditions Tuesday and Wednesday Link to info here.  

2)     Call time for the homecoming parade is 5:30pm on Thursday.  We will meet at Mercer Park.  The parade will begin at Mercer and continue down First Avenue to Bates Field.  Cross country runners should join as soon as possible. 

2)       Call time for the football game on Friday is 5:30pm.   Full uniform.

3)       Parking lot clean-up on Sunday at 7:00am.

Updates and Reminders



1)      We will have two early bird rehearsals next week, on Wednesday (Sept. 2) and Thursday (Sept. 3).   The Wednesday morning rehearsal will be our final chance to work through our pre-game show ahead of Friday’s football game.  On Thursday, the 8th graders from Southeast will be with us as they, too, will be on the show Friday night.  Both early morning rehearsals begin at 7:15am.

2)      The sign-up sheet for all-state check-in is up for next week.  This is not an audition, but I will hear all materials performed.  Just to be clear, EVERY STUDENT INTERESTED IN AUDITIONING FOR ALL-STATE MUST PLAY FOR ME NEXT WEEK, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Yes, I will hear the etudes in their entirety, along with all major scales and the solo as it will be performed for the all-state audition.

3)      Our call time next week for the first football game performance is 5:30pm, in the band rooms.

4)      Our first parking lot clean-up of the season is Sunday morning, September  6 at 7:00am.  I will send more details in a day or so.

5)      We will begin in school lessons in a couple of weeks.  I first must get through all-state preparations, and get schedules finalized.

6)      Shoes have been ordered and should arrive next Thursday or Friday.  We will also have gloves available for the game.