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Upcoming in City High Bandland:


1)      Tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 24, is the annual Music Auxiliary Car Wash.  Students have signed up for designated shifts, please don’t forget.  Parents can still go the music auxiliary web site to sign up.

2)      Pledge sheets for the car wash will be accepted through next Friday.  Again, we are asking each student to turn in at least one pledge.

3)      All students auditioning for all-state should check the wind ensemble bulletin board.   The list of students posted there must come in to play for me on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  A sign-up sheet in on the board.

4)      Reminder to all all-state students that you MUST have an original, published copy of any music you will be performing at the all-state audition.  This includes etude books and solos.  The school does not provide any of these materials.  Go to West music now to make certain you have your music, as some materials may need to be ordered.

5)      Our next performance is the U of I Homecoming Parade on next Friday, Sept. 30.  I will send out a detailed schedule early next week.

6)      All grade 10-12 students have a required performance next Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Bands Across the Prairie contest.  A detailed schedule will be sent next week, but parents we hope you will come to see the band.   Our performance time will be 2:25pm.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M

B.A.C.H. meeting update

Hi all,
From last night’s B.A.C.H. meeting:
1)      We are still looking for a parent to serve as the City high band representative to music auxiliary.  This requires only that you attend the monthly meeting of the auxiliary (last Monday of each month), and give a report provided to you from the directors.  We really do need someone who will listen and/or act on our behalf.
2)      Another note of encouragement for parents to attend and assist in parking lot clean-ups.  I am asking for parents, especially those that drop-off students, to remain to help in the work and supervision of our students.  There are many locations where our students work, and an adult presence makes a big difference in how the task is accomplished.
3)      I have attached a copy of the pledge sheet that we passed out to students for the music auxiliary car wash.  Again, we are asking each student to return at least one pledge.  Remember, parents are encourage to use the Sign Up Genius to help out as workers, http://www.iowamusicauxiliary.org.
4)      We are moving forward with plans for our trip to Orlando.  I should have a preliminary itinerary and approximate cost within a week.  The cost of this trip is determined in large part by the number of students participating.  We will be polling the band members about the likelihood of their participation, so please speak with your child soon.  The more accurate our estimate of participation, the more accurate our estimate of cost.
That’s all for now,
Dr. M
P.S. – Please ask your child if they have signed for all-state check-in, everyone who plans to auditions must play for me by Friday.  Also, the sign-up sheet for jazz  
           auditions is also up.



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Hi all,


Just a few things:


Thanks to everyone who came to help at the Parking Lot Clean-up on yesterday.  I especially want to thank those students and parents that remained, even working multiple sites, until the job was completed.  We have seen the worst of it.  Please know that were we to not have this source of revenue, the adverse effects on our program would be dramatic.


1)      The music auxiliary car wash is scheduled for Saturday, September 24.  I have spoken to students about this, and passed our pledge forms.  Simply put, we are asking that each student turn in at least one pledge.  Students are asked to help wash cars and a sign-up sheet with shifts will be posted.  Parents are also encouraged to participate, and parents may go to http://www.iowamusicauxiliary.org and click on the Sign Up Genius link.  Our work site is the North Dodge HyVee.


2)      Students planning to audition for jazz bands should already have materials and information from Mr. Arp.  If not, please see him immediately.  Auditions will take place on Sept. 20 & 21.


3)      All students auditioning for all-state must play a check-up for Dr. M this week.  EVERYONE MUST PLAY.  DON’T PLAY, DON’T GO.  Sign up on the bulletin board for a time.


4)      Parent t-shirts can be picked up from Mrs. Mahaffa starting tomorrow.  She is out ill today.


5)      The preliminary schedule for the Bands Across The Prairie marching contest on Saturday, October 1 (grades 10-12 only) is:


12:30pm –Arrive/load trailer/get dressed


1:00pm –Depart City High

2:00pm- Warm-up


2:25pm –Perform


2:45pm- Clinic


3:10pm –Load buses, depart


4:00pm –Arrive at city



That’s all for now,


Band Shoes

Hi all,


It appears that the band, and guard, shoe orders will not arrive in time for tonight’s performance.  We ask that student please wear old band shoes if they have them, and if not, wear black/dark shoes.  Remember, not sandals, flip-flops, etc., only closed toes.


See you tonight,

Dr. M

New Calendar

Hi all,


We have made a few changes in the City High band calendar, so I have attached the new, updated one below.


Due a lack of entries, the Little Hawk Invitational for 2016 has been cancelled.  Our entry numbers have been going down for the past few years, and at this point the invitational is no longer a viable option for our fund raising purposes.  I do want to thank all of the parents that have been working already to make the contest go.


We have also decided that since Saturday, October 8 falls on a long weekend, and the homecoming dance is scheduled for that day, we will not be participating in the Iowa State Marching Band Contest.  We will instead participate in the Bands Across the Prairie contest, held on October 1.  The time and details for that event will follow.   We do still have the homecoming football performance on Friday, October 7.


We are aware that many of you have set your personal/family calendars based, at least in part, on ours, and changes may not be easy.  When we look what we believe is best for the students in our program, these changes reflect the most prudent actions to take.


A couple of reminders:


1)      We have an early morning, 7:45am rehearsal tomorrow, September 8 on the soccer field.  This will be our only opportunity to practice with the 8th grade band from Southeast.


2)      Our call time for the game on Friday night is 5:30pm, we will be in full uniform.


3)      Parking lot clean-up is Sunday at 7:00am.  Same location.


4)      Students who were unable to attend the jazz band meeting today during advisory should see Mr. Arp for materials and information.




Dr. M