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Solo and Ensemble Schedule

Solo and ensemble begins tomorrow during periods 1, 2, and 3. Students are reminded that the attire is formal -NO JEANS and that they should arrive at their center 8 minutes prior to their performance. Don't forget to introduce yourself and your accompanist as well as the title and composer of your piece!

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Orlando Meeting

We will have our one and only rehearsal for the Disney band on Monday, March 9 from 6:00-8:00pm.  Please make certain everyone attends this rehearsal.  Also on that evening, we will have a parent meeting from 8:00-9:00pm.  This will be the time to ask questions, meet the chaperones, get last minute information.





Concert Week!

Congratulations to Mr. Arp and all members of our jazz program on a fine performance last night at the Jazz Showcase.  Also just more thank you to all of the parents to took part in making the evening a success.
Just a reminder that our band concert is this Wednesday, February 18 at 7:30pm in Opstad Auditorium.  This is a required event for all band students.  Students must be in correct concert attire.  Boys and girls in black dress pants (girls may wear a solid black, ankle length skirt if desired), white shirts/blouses, black shoes & socks/hose.  Boys must also wear a long, solid black tie.  Students are expected to be in attendance for the entire concert.  Call time for concert and symphony bands is 7:00pm, for wind ensemble call time is 7:20.
See you on Wednesday,
Dr. M






1)      Our next, and final, pep band date is this Friday, February 6.  Call time will again be 6:30pm.

2)      Our next concert is Wednesday, February 18.  Call time for concert and symphony bands is 7:00pm, wind ensemble call time is 7:20pm.  Please make certain that all band students have the correct concert attire.  For concert and symphony bands, this is black dress pants (girls may wear ankle length skirt), white shirt/blouse.  Guys must also have a long black tie, everyone black shoes/socks/hose.  This is a required event for all band students.

3)      Please mark your calendars for Saturday, March 28.  This will be the second annual band trivia contest.  This is a lot of fun, with all proceeds supporting the City High Band program.  See the attached flyer for more details.

4)      Start talking with private teachers now about solo/ensemble contest.  We will again host our own contest on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21 and 22 during band periods.  We do not provide accompanists so you must contact/arrange for your own.  Any student that wishes to be considered for participation in the Honor Recital must have an accompanist if called for in the score.

5)      Jazz Showcase is February 14.  Please get tickets early.

6)      Our next B.A.C.H. meeting will be Wednesday, February 11.  Please come out at 6:00pm in the band room.







1)     Wind ensemble auditions for school year 2015-16 are next week, Wednesday and Friday.  The sign-up sheet is up, students should have the etude to prepare.  In addition to the etude, students will sight-read and play all major scales.

2)      Our next pep band date is next Friday, January 30.  Our call time will be 6:30pm.  After that, February 6 is the next date, which will be our final pep band gig.

3)      Remember that students are no longer allowed to remain in the band/music area after faculty are gone.  All students that are not under the immediate supervision of a teacher are required to go the gym foyer to wait for rides.  The band area is locked (practice rooms, rehearsal rooms, locker room) when I leave each day.  Students in after school activities should stop in to the band area before going to the activity if they need materials from the band area.