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Updates and Reminders



1)      We will have two early bird rehearsals next week, on Wednesday (Sept. 2) and Thursday (Sept. 3).   The Wednesday morning rehearsal will be our final chance to work through our pre-game show ahead of Friday’s football game.  On Thursday, the 8th graders from Southeast will be with us as they, too, will be on the show Friday night.  Both early morning rehearsals begin at 7:15am.

2)      The sign-up sheet for all-state check-in is up for next week.  This is not an audition, but I will hear all materials performed.  Just to be clear, EVERY STUDENT INTERESTED IN AUDITIONING FOR ALL-STATE MUST PLAY FOR ME NEXT WEEK, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Yes, I will hear the etudes in their entirety, along with all major scales and the solo as it will be performed for the all-state audition.

3)      Our call time next week for the first football game performance is 5:30pm, in the band rooms.

4)      Our first parking lot clean-up of the season is Sunday morning, September  6 at 7:00am.  I will send more details in a day or so.

5)      We will begin in school lessons in a couple of weeks.  I first must get through all-state preparations, and get schedules finalized.

6)      Shoes have been ordered and should arrive next Thursday or Friday.  We will also have gloves available for the game.

All-State Band

I have placed on the bulletin board in the band hallway a sign-up sheet for those interested in auditioning for all-state.   The deadline for entries comes very quickly, and we can send a maximum of 30 students.  If the number of interested/prepared students exceeds this number, then I will have auditions to determine those who will audition.  Even if there are 30 or fewer, I will only submit names of students that exhibit a desire to do well, based on material hearings.  I will begin to hear students next week, with a sign-up to come in.  Students will need to play all major scales, the required etudes and a solo.  Please speak with private teachers concerning this, making certain they are on top of preparations.
Dr. M


City High Band Families, summer is winding down and school will be starting. Important dates for you to know, click the attachment!

Here are the first dates to get started

Section Leaders and Drum Majors: See you at 8am on August 20th

Drumline and Pit: See you at 9am on August 20th

9th Graders: See you at 9am on August 20th!

10-12 Graders: See all of you at 1:30pm on August 20th

See you then! 

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