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Updates / Reminders 10/20

Hello everyone,




1)      All-state auditions are this Saturday in Washington, IA.  The bus leaves at 7:15am sharp, we will not wait for anyone.  Every student must return the permission form.  If you have not signed one, I have attached it to this e-mail message.  Return the form tomorrow with you child.  Remember students must not have anything that allows the judges to identify them name or school.  This includes clothing, instrument cases, music, etc.  There will be food items for sale, but students may also bring a sack lunch.  Finally, all students that will not be traveling both to and from the auditions must provide a signed, written (hard copy) note from a parent stating in detail travel plans.  If I do not have a completed form and necessary travel information, students will not participate in the auditions.  Student must look nice for the auditions, no jeans, gym shoes, etc.

2)      The annual sale of fruit, cheese and candy begins today.  Students received brochures and information in all band classes today.  Please ask your child if you do not receive the information.

3)      Parking lot clean-up is this Sunday, Oct. 23.  Same time and location.  Beginning with this Sunday, the proceeds from the clean-ups will be divided among all students who worked more than the required four clean-ups.

4)      Remember that class begins at 8:50am each day.  Students must be on time.



Finally, my e-mail is still not working.  I can receive messages, but not all sent messages go out.  If you need me to reply to an message, please send the message to either Mary Mahaffa (mahaffa.mary@iowacityschools.org) or Ryan Arp (arp.ryan@iowacityschools.org).  They forward them to me.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M


Next week

Hi all,


Last night went very well, and I hope parents were able to see the show.  Thanks again to all seniors and their parents for support of our marching program over the last four years.  Kudos also the student who dressed in costume last night; you not only were hilarious but followed guidelines and showed maturity in not pushing the envelope.  Thanks.


Next week:


1)      Monday, Oct. 17 – Bates Field Follies.  The show begins at 7:30pm in the large gym.  Call time for freshmen is 6:15pm, and 6:30pm for upper classmen.  Halvorson Photography will start taking individual photos at 6:30pm, and the group photo will be taken at 6:50pm.  I have again attached the note regarding photos to this message, and I believe that payment for the photos is due at the time of the shoot.  Freshmen Concert Band will  begin the program is a short concert, and the Southeast 8th grade will also be participating.

2)      Monday, Oct. 17 – Orlando Confirmation Deadline.  Remember that for all students going to Orlando, and I hope it’s many, we need $100.00 turned in to Mrs. Mahaffa or permission to use existing funds for confirmation.  The deposit is non-refundable as we make all reservations, pay deposits, etc. based on the students attending.  I will send information later about chaperones.

3)      Tuesday, Oct. 18 – Concert band season begins.  All students need to have concert instruments and materials at rehearsals on that day.

4)      Saturday, Oct. 22 – All-state auditions.  I have attached an audition schedule to this message and posted it on the bulletin board.  As in the past, we will provide bus transportation to and from Washington, but those that wish to travel with parents are allowed to.  I must have a signed permission form (coming) with a detailed note telling travel plans. I will hold required check-ins for some, and optional for all, next week.   A few reminders:

a)        Auditionees must have published music; no photocopies, for everything being performed.

b)      Students must not display anything that would allow judges to determine your name or school affiliation.  This includes clothing, music, cases, etc.

c)       Students must dress nicely.  No jeans, gym shoes, flip-flops, etc.  No need for dress or tie, but you must look nice.

d)      All students must remain for recalls as necessary.  Any student who fails to attend recalls when listed will not be accepted in the all-state ensembles.

e)      On Saturday our bus will leave on-time, with or without you.

f)        There is no set time for return following auditions.  We will wait until all are completed and posted, this includes choir and orchestra students.

5)      Sunday, Oct. 23 – Parking Lot Clean-up.  Remember, starting next week the funds we receive from the clean-ups will be divided among those that have attended four or more clean-ups.  This is a great way to add funds to your trip accounts.

6)      The cheese/candy/sausage sale will kick off next week.  For those going to Orlando, this sale is another great fund raising opportunity.


That’s all for now and see you on Monday,

Dr. M


Reminders (2 attachments)

Hi all,


Final reminders for tomorrow:


1)      Freshmen march at half-time in the costume show.  Students wear street clothes if not in costume.  Pre-game same as always.  For costumes, NO CLOWNS, or clown variations.  All costumes must be appropriate; complete coverage, no inappropriate language, designs, etc.  Pizza party/dance following half-time for band students only.  No guests.

2)      Senior parents I have attached the information form.  Please return bottom portion if not done so already.  Take note of time and location.

3)      Monday is Bates Field Follies.  Call times:  6:15 for freshmen, 6:30 for upper classmen.  Band photos taken prior to start.  See the attached for purchasing information.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M


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Hi all,


I have had a couple of inquiries, and given the current climate, clown costumes WILL NOT be allowed for this Friday night.


Dr. M



Hi all,


News from City High Bandland:


1)       Our game on this Friday, October 14, is senior recognition night.  Senior parents please plan to attend this game.  I have attached an information sheet with a form that must be returned to me by Thursday, October 13.  This is also our costume half-time show, with Freshmen joining with the upperclassmen for this performance.  Costumes are optional, but if your child does wear a costume please remember that it must be appropriate.  This means that the costume provides full body coverage, it is not offensive or inappropriate in any way; no inappropriate language, design, etc.  I will be checking each student prior to entry on the field.  If any costume is deemed inappropriate, your child will not participate in the half-time performance.  Following half-time, all students will move to the cafeteria for the end-of-season pizza party and dance.  THIS EVENT IS FOR CURRENT BAND MEMBERS ONLY, NO GUESTS!!  We should conclude about 10:00pm.

2)      Reminder that all wind ensemble students must perform a chair audition this week.  There are sign-up slots available on Wednesday-Friday.  Everyone in wind ensemble must audition.

3)      Our annual Bates Field Follies indoor show will be Monday, October 17.  The Freshman Concert Band will present a brief concert, followed by our indoor marching show.

4)      Band photos will be taken on Monday, October 17 prior to the Bates Field Follies Show.  Halverson Photography will start with individual photos beginning at 6:30, followed by the full band photo at 6:50pm in the large gym.  I will send home a purchase brochure later this week.

5)      Reminder that the Orlando commitment deposit is due on next Monday, October 17.  I have attached a form that should be returned with your deposit.

6)      All-state auditions will be held on Saturday, October 22 in Washington.  I will have an audition schedule ready by Thursday of this week.  Remember that no photocopies of any music is allowed.  Make certain you have published originals of all music and books.

7)      Beginning with our next parking lot clean-up, all proceeds will be divided equally amongst all students who have participated in more than four clean-ups.  This is a great way to get funds for the trip.  We will also have our annual fruit/cheese/candy sale beginning in November.  This is an additional way for students to raise funds for the Orlando trip.


That’s all for now,

Dr. M