Hi all,

Well, the start of the marching band season is just a week away.  Please get your instruments out, practice and make certain they are ready for the school year.  Just a few things:
1)  Our first rehearsal will be held on Saturday, August 18.  Because of a community event scheduled to begin at 7:00pm on Bates Field, our rehearsal on this day will be shortened.  We will rehearse from 1:00-6:00pm.  We will not be providing dinner.  We will be outside for the vast majority of this time, so remember to bring sunscreen, and wear a t-shirt.  No Bare Skin.  Also, you may want to wear a hat, and closed toe shoes are required.
2)  You are encouraged to check out school instruments, get band lockers and get fitted for marching shoes during registration.  Mr. Ottmar and/or myself will be here each day.  If you left marching shoes in lockers, they are no longer there.  They are in a common box, so if you want them you must remember your shoe size.  Following our rehearsal on the 18th, all shoes left will be available for free to anyone that needs a pair.
3)  You will again need to provide a lyre, flip folder, black shoes, black socks and black gloves.  Socks and gloves will be available when you are fitted for you uniform, the other items must be purchased from West Music.
4)  Our students get fitted for uniforms primarily during Heck week practices. In addition, we are offering a special uniform fitting session for freshmen only on Sunday Aug 19, 1-4 pm. Please consider bringing your student to the uniform room during this time frame.
5)  Those auditioning for all-state should have the required etudes, solo and scales that you will need.  As in the past, I can send only so many to audition, which means I will likely need to have pre-auditions.  I will have a sign up sheet on the bulletin board when you arrive on the 18th, and you will be required to play for me during the week of August 27.  Be working diligently on all items, including the etudes in their entirety.
6)  The deposit for the Orlando trip of $300.00 is due in to the music office by October 1.  This is a non-refundable deposit.
I will be sending one more note next week that will include music to our show opener as well as the opener drill.
Look forward to seeing you in a week.
Dr. M


Hi all,

Just a few reminders:
1)  For those interested in auditioning for all-state, the required etudes will be posted tomorrow, July 25.  You may go to the IHSMA website,,  to find the etudes for each instrument.  Remember, in addition to the etudes you will also be required to play all major scales, full range chromatic, and a portion of a standard solo of approximately 1.5 minutes.  You will also be required to audition using published music, no photcopies.  Etude books can be purchased from West Music.
2)  Our rehearsals for the the marching season begin on August 18.  I have attached another copy of the summer newsletter that has a detailed schedule of rehearsals.
3)  As in the past, on the first day of school, we have been asked to play at the all school assembly.  On that day, all band students should report directly to the band room at the beginning of the day.  
4)  The City High bands will be traveling to Orlando, Florida over Spring break 2019.  All band students are invited to join us.  Details will be sent soon, but a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 must in students accounts by October 1, 2018.   The total cost of the trip is expected to be approximately $1200.00.
That's all for now,
Dr. M



Hi all,
Attached please find the Summer newsletter for the City High Marching Band 2018.  Please read all of the information carefully, and please place all band events on your calendars.  Just a reminder, all band activities are required, so please be aware of all band dates as you make plans.
Also, there were many students that did not take marching band shoes home at the end of the school year.  These shoes, since none were marked, have been placed in large bins, paired by size.  If you left shoes, you should plan to come early on the first day of heck week to retrieve them.
Finally, just a note to let you know of the big evening planned for September 7, our home football game vs Ames high.  We will be joined by the 8th grade band from Southeast, and will have as our very special guest the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band under the direction of new assistand director of bands Eric Bush.  This should be a fun evening not only for our band program, but for the community as well.
Have a great rest of the Summer, and I look forward to seeing you in August.
Dr. M