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UI Parking Lot Cleanups: FAQs

1.    Is parent participation voluntary?

While students are required to participate in a minimum of 4 cleanups and are required to attend either the November 11th or 24th clean-up, parent participation is voluntary. However, when CHS band got this contract many years ago, the presumption was that band parents are expected to participate whenever possible.

Each cleanup session requires at least 20-25 parents to be distributed among the 10-12 most heavily soiled parking lots.  Parents are important for student safety, efficiency and thoroughness; there is no substitute for the presence of parents in every lot where students are cleaning.

2.     When are the cleanups? 

There are seven home games this year and we clean on the morning following: SundaysSept. 2, 9, 16, 23; Oct. 21Nov. 11SaturdayNov. 24. Please be at the staging area by 7:00 am each of these dates.

3.    Where are the cleanups? 

Students should be at the staging area at the Center for Disabilities & Development front entrance to sign in and receive initial parking lot assignments and cleaning supplies. The Coordinators will provide detailed maps and directions to all 15 parking lots; many of the lots are within walking distance of the staging area.

4.    Are cleanups safe?

Although there is some inherent risk, we believe that parental supervision, common sense and use of the University-issued cleaning supplies keep risk to a minimum.  The University provides gloves, brooms, shovels and large garbage bags.  All garbage can be cleared safely with the tools provided; for example, broken glass is to be cleaned up with a broom and shovel. If there is ever a question about attempting to clear garbage, a parent should be consulted.

5.    What if my student is also an athlete and is required to do a sports (Stadium) cleanup?

Most of the athletes who clean up Kinnick Stadium start at 7:30 am. Band students who participate in sports cleanups are still required to report to the marching band staging area at 7:00 am and participate in clean-up (usually Kinnick Parking Lot) until they go inside the stadium at ~7:30 for sports cleanup. They are then required to check back with parking lot coordinators when they get done with the sports cleanup (yes, band parking lot cleanups start earlier and go later than sports cleanups.

Top 5 Reasons to LOVE Parking Lot Cleanups

 5. This is the single biggest fund-raiser for the City High Band Program and is an exclusive franchise that CHS Band owns. We do not split the proceeds ($2700 per cleanup!!) with any other school or City High group.    

4.  You can “adopt” a parking Lot!  Yes, it’s true: any one of the lots can be “adopted” by anyone to make sure it gets taken care of! As you get to know and love your parking lot, it gets easier and more fun to clean. Talk to the coordinators for more information; there’s LOTS to love!

3.  Parking lot cleanup is a great opportunity for team-building and getting to know other band parents. The students get to see parents come together with Little Hawk students as a team instant to accomplish more by 9:00 AM than most people do all day! (We provide the bags, gloves, shovels and brooms, and you provide the supervision and mentoring!)

2.  You’ll be there anyway!  Unless your student has a license, you’ll be up and out the door anyway and many hands make light work. We (and the band students) would love to see you for as many cleanups as you can attend.

1.  Finally, and most important, it’s the right thing to do for our students and our school. Because it’s great to be a Little Hawk Band Parent!  See you there!

Let me know if there are any more questions.
Jared Hix
BACH Leadership Team