Marching Band - "Time"

Division 1 Rating - IHSMA State Marching Band


Class 4A - 5th Place (Muskie Marching Invitational)


Drum Majors: Edward Kenyon, Chloe McKay, Janie Owens

All-State - 17 members

Naomi Downing-Sherer (Freshman) - Trumpet

Silas Gollnick (Sophomore) - Tenor Sax

Mary Hamilton (Junior) - Clarinet

Jack Harmsen (Sophomore) - Horn 

Vee Harrington (Sophomore) - Oboe

Connor Jakob (Senior) - Clarinet

Jillian Leman (Sophomore) - Trumpet

Gideon Levine (Sophomore) - Bari Sax

Linus McRoberts (Sophomore) - Trombone

Lily Moninger (Junior) - Clarinet

Oliver Palmer (Junior) - Alto Sax

Ben Platte (Senior) - Trumpet

Noelle Schnoebelen (Sophomore) - Flute

Ilan Tallman (Senior) - Bassoon (Orchestra)

James Tilley (Sophomore) - 2nd Tenor Sax Alternate

Olivia Vande Berg (Junior) - Oboe 

Seth Yoder (Junior) - Trumpet

SEIBA - 21 members

 Poi Borchardt (Sophomore) - Tuba

Leo Burchett (Senior) - Jazz Bass

Coraline Etler (Sophomore) - Euphonium

Madeline Fischer (Freshman) - Trumpet

Mira Gollnick (Sophomore) - Bass Clarinet

Silas Gollnick (Sophomore) - Jazz Tenor Saxophone

Elizabeth Gugliuzza (Sophomore) - Clarinet

James Kardos (Senior) - Jazz Drums

Daniel Kenyon (Sophomore) - Percussion

Edward Kenyon (Senior) - Alto Saxophone

Linus McRoberts (Sophomore) - Jazz Trombone

Chloe McKay (Senior) - Horn

Emmett Palmberg (Freshman) - Clarinet

Oliver Palmer (Junior) - Jazz Alto Saxophone 

Lily Rantanen (Sophomore) - Flute

James Tilley (Sophomore) - 1st Tenor Sax Alternate

Henry Vande Berg (Freshman) - Bassoon

 River Vanderhoef (Senior) - Bass Trombone

Jesse Varner (Sophomore) - 1st Alto Sax Alternate

David Whittaker (Freshman) - Alto Sax

Martha Willard (Freshman) - Horn

UNI Honor Band - 16 members

Leo Burchett (Senior) - Bass

Naomi Downing-Sherer (Freshman) - Trumpet

Madeline Fischer (Freshman) - Trumpet

Silas Gollnick (Sophomore) - Tenor Sax

Jack Harmsen (Sophomore) - Horn

Connor Jakob (Senior) - Clarinet

Liv Leman (Junior) - Clarinet

Chloe McKay (Senior) - Horn

Linus McRoberts (Sophomore) - Trombone

Janie Owens (Junior) - Flute

Reyna Roach (Senior) - Oboe

Evan Stucky (Sophomore) - Percussion

James Tilley (Sophomore) - Tenor Sax

Henry Vande Berg (Freshman) - Bassoon

Olivia Vande Berg (Junior) - Oboe

Seth Yoder (Junior) - Trumpet

University of Iowa Honor Band -  members


Adrianna Coiner (Freshman) - Alto Sax

Alia Sabha (Freshman) - Clarinet

Wind Ensemble

*Collaborative performance with the University of Iowa Symphony Band*




Jazz Ensemble

*KCCK Corridor Jazz Project with guest artist, Oisin Leopold ('20) (piano)*


*Collaborative performance with the Iowa Jazz Composers Orchestra*


Class 4A - 2nd Place (Liberty Jazz Festival)

*Outstanding Performer - James Kardos (Drums)*


Class 4A - 2nd Place (Coe College Jazz Summit)

*Honorable Mention Performer Award - James Kardos (Drums)*


Class 3A - 3rd Place (Jazz In The Meadows)


Class 4A - 4th Place (SEIBA Jazz Festival)


Class 4A - 1st Place (Iowa Jazz Championships)

*Outstanding Performer - James Kardos (Drums)*

Jazz Collective

Second Band Class - 3rd Place (Liberty Jazz Festival)


Class 4A Second Band Class - 2nd Place (Coe College Jazz Summit)

*Honorable Mention Performer Award - Brody Clarke (Drums/Vibes)*


Second Band Class - 5th Place (Jazz In The Meadows)


Second Band Large Class - 3rd Place (SEIBA Jazz Festival)

All-State Jazz - 1 member

James Kardos (Senior) - Drum Set 2

Marko Perencevich (Junior) - Guitar Alternate

Director's Awards

Concert Band: Lucas Iverson (Flute)


Symphony Band: Fiona Arnold (Clarinet)

Gold Key Awards

Connor Jakob (Clarinet)

Edward Kenyon (Drum Major/Alto Sax)

Chloe McKay (Drum Major/Horn)

Ben Platte (Trumpet)

Reyna Roach (Oboe)

Sam Schuessler (Percussion)

Louis Armstrong Award

James Kardos (Drums)

John Philip Sousa Award

Ilan Tallman (Bassoon)

Parking Lot Clean-Up Champions (attended every Parking Lot Clean-Up!)

Rhett Coiner (Freshman)

Elizabeth Gugliuzza (Sophomore)

Chloe McKay (Senior)

Landon Ostola (Freshman)

John Waterbury (Junior)

Morgan Wilson (Sophomore)